Adam's Rib - With Kate Hepburn and Spencer Tracy

The African Queen - directed by John Huston with Bogart and Hepburn

The Awful Truth - With Cary Grant and Irene Dunne

Barbarella - with Jane Fonda

Black Sabbath with Boris Karloff

The Blob - the original with Steve McQueen

Breakfast at Tiffanys - the Truman Capote story with Audrey Hepburn

The Bride of Frankenstein - with Boris Karloff

Bride of the Monster - directed by Ed Wood, Jr. with Bela Lugosi

Bringing Up Baby - directed by Howard Hawks with Cary Grant and Kate Hepburn

Bringing Up Baby - another poster

Casablanca - with Bogart and Ingrid Bergman

Casablanca - another poster

Citizen Kane - the Orson Welles classic one of The Movie Pal's favorite films

Citizen Kane - another poster of the genius film

It Conquered The World - with Peter Graves

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Attack of the Crab Monsters - by Roger Corman

Creature from the Black Lagoon - the poster in French

Village of the Damned

The Day the Earth Stood Still - with Patricia Neal

Dracula - the best with Bela Lugosi

Earth vs. The Flying Saucers

The Beast with 1,000,000 Eyes

The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms

The Fly and Return of the Fly - a double feature poster

Forbidden Planet - the classic sci-fi

Frankenstein - the original with Boris Karloff

Freaks - by Todd Browning, director of Dracula

The Giant Claw

The General - the Buster Keaton silent masterpiece of comedy

The General - another poster

Godzilla - the original release for Americans w/Raymond Burr

The Graduate - Dustin Hoffman's first great movie

The Grapes of Wrath - by John Ford w/Henry Fonda one of The Movie Pal's favorite films

This Gun for Hire - with Veronica Lake

Heavy Metal - the hard rock classic

I'm No Angel - classic Mae West with Cary Grant

I'm No Angel - another poster

Invaders from Mars

The Invisible Man - with Claude Rains. The H.G. Wells story.

This Island Earth

The Seven Year Itch - with Marilyn Monroe

King Kong - the original with Fay Wray

King Kong - another poster

The Lady Eve - by Preston Sturges with Henry Fonda and Barbara Stanwyck

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - the Jules Verne story

Lost Continent - with Cesar Romero

The Maltese Falcon - by John Huston with Bogart and Peter Lorre

Metropolis - by Fritz Lang

Metropolis - another poster

Mothra - the mother of all moths!

NetworkOne of The Movie Pal's all-time favorite films

Nosferatu - by F.W. Murnau, the original silent film on the Dracula theme

Not of this Earth

The Wizard of Oz

The Phantom of the Opera

The Philadelphia Story - the Katherine Hepburn classic

The Philadelphia Story - another poster

Plan 9 from Outer Space - by Ed Wood, Jr.

The Public Enemy - with James Cagney

Rebel Without a Cause - with James Dean

The Red Shoes - by the duo Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger one of The Movie Pal's favorite films


Safet Last - the Harold Lloyd comic gem

The Lady from Shanghai - by Orson Welles

She Done Him Wrong - with Mae West

She Done Him Wrong - another poster

Some Like It Hot - with Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis

The Sound of Music - the Julie Andrews songfest

Steamboat Bill - another comice gem by Buster Keaton

Dr. Strangelove - the Stanley Kubrick masterpiece with Peter Sellers

Sullivan's Travels - by Preston Sturges with Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake one of The Movie Pal's favorite films

Sullivan's Travels - another poster

Sunset Boulevard - with Gloria Swanson and William Holden

The Thing from Another Planet - the original

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The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934 version) with Peter Lorre

The 39 Steps with Robert Donat and Madeleine Carroll

Sabotage poster is with the name of the American release; with Sylvia Sidney

Young and Innocent poster is with the name of American release; with Nova Pilbeam

The Lady Vanishes with Michael Redgrave and Margaret Lockwood

The Lady Vanishes - another poster

Rebecca with Joan Fontaine and Laurence Olivier

Rebecca another poster

Suspicion with Joan Fontaine and Cary Grant

Saboteur with Robert Cummings and Priscilla Lane

Lifeboat with Tallulah Bankhead, Hume Cronyn, and William Bendix

Spellbound with Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck

Spellbound a French language poster

Notorious with Ingrid Bergman, Cary Grant, and Claude Rains

Notorious a French language poster

The Paradine Case with Gregory Peck

Stage Fright with Jane Wyman and Marlena Dietrich

Rope with Jimmy Stewart and Farley Granger

Rope another poster

Under Capricorn a French language poster; with Ingrid Bergman and Joseph Cotten

Strangers on a Train with Farley Granger and Robert Walker

I Confess a French language poster; with Montgomery Clift, Anne Baxter, and Karl Malden

Dial M For Murder with Grace Kelly and Ray Milland

Dial M For Murder - 3 D film version

Rear Window with Jimmy Stewart, Grace Kelly, Thelma Ritter, and Raymond Burr

Rear Window another poster

To Catch a Thief with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly

To Catch a Thief another poster

The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956 version) with Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day

The Wrong Man with Henry Fonda and Vera Miles

Vertigo with Jimmy Stewart, Kim Novak, and Barbara Bel Geddes; one of The Movie Pal's favorite films

North by Northwest with Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, and James Mason

Psycho with Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh

Psychoa Belgian language poster

Psycho a German language poster

The Birds with Tippie Hedren, Robert Taylor, Jessica Tandy and lots of birds

Marnie with Tippi Hedren and Sean Connery

Frenzy with Jon Finch and Barry Foster


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City Lights

City Lights version 2

City Lights version 3

The Gold Rush - a masterpiece

The Gold Rush version 2

The Gold Rush version 3

The Gold Rush version4

Modern Times - a masterpiece

Modern Times version 2


Arsenic and Old Lace - with Cary Grant

Meet John Doe - with Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town - with Gary Cooper and Jean Arthur

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town version 2

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - with Jimmy Stewart and Jean Arthur

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington version 2

It Happened One Night

It Happened One Night version 2

It Happened One Night version 3

It Happened One Night version 4

It's A Wonderful Life - with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed one of The Movie Pal's favorite films


Animal Crackers

A Day at the Races

A Day at the Races version 2

Duck Soup one of The Movie Pal's favorite films

Duck Soup version 2

Horse Feathers

Horse Feathers version 2

A Night at the Opera

A Night at the Opera version 2

A Night at the Opera version 3

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